Who We Are

The Morning Star Ranch

The Morning Star Ranch is just one community in an international network of communities known as the Twelve Tribes.

 We are a spiritual nation made up of families and single people who have come together from all walks of life. Our common vision is a simple life of devotion to our Creator, based on a true faith that is expressed as a genuine love for our friends, husband, wife, children, and anyone else we come across. All we want to do is love, and slowly, but surely, we are learning the depth of what that actually means.

We are far from "having it all together", but are realizing that together, we have it all.

We are coming to be a sustainable agricultural people. We see that caring for the earth, along with one another, is an essential part of being human.

You are invited to come visit any time. We only ask that if possible you let us know ahead of time so that we can be ready for you. Bring yourself, bring a friend, or bring your family. We look forward to seeing you. Location: We are located in southern California, just two hours south of Los Angeles or one hour north of San Diego.

We Live Together

The Twelve Tribes is a spiritual nation consisting of many communities and farms in several countries throughout the world. On our farms and in our communities we live together like an extended family, sharing all things in common, just as the disciples of Yahshua* did in the first century. It is an amazing life and you can come and see it for yourself.

We welcome visitors and those who would like to stay with us and learn about farming and the life we share.

* Yahshua is the original Hebrew name of the One we follow - the Jesus Christ of the Bible. It is only because of His love and forgiveness that we are able to love one another and continue together...