Beams of yellowed light break through the hazy, morning mist, dissolving the cloud cover. The sun begins its ascent over the nearby mountain ridges. A calm wind rustles the fronds of a dozen palm trees that line a driveway leading up into the green groves. Rooster crows resound through the leaves, perched and at-home in the branches of elfin persimmon trees. Cows moo from their grassy meadows and baby goats chortle and romp about their mother's feet. Smiles spread across the faces of two young girls, each of their hands occupied at filling their pails with creamy milk. A waterfall splashes over rocks into a small pond with fish and ducks and turtles.

A youth with blonde hair and earmuffs pushes a lawnmower along through the grass, his lips mouthing the words of a song. Four children and their teacher sit beneath the shade of a mulberry tree and take turns reading from a book. Dishes clack and tinkle through the big windows into the kitchen. Back at the laundry lines a dark-skinned 3 year-old strains to keep his hand in the air as he hands his mother a clothespin.

A gentle breeze blows westward, from the garden, through hundreds of grapefruit trees and carries across the pond. An orange tractor rumbles along, plowing up the dark, moist soil. Hoes rise and fall to the earth. Outside the green house two thoughtful, sun-hatted men nod to one another and gesture towards an unsown patch. Bees send their gleeful buzzes up through the air, where beyond the garden the terrain rises upward into a thicket of trees. From them hang thousands of green gems-avocados, twinkling and bouncing in the breeze.
Looking down from atop the avocado mountain, the whole world seems to slow down. The front gate stands wide open, fixed and determined to welcome all who might discover this special place...

This is a small window into our life here at the Morning Star Ranch. We are a community in the true sense of the word, families and single people who live together in common unity. We are people from all walks of life who have left everything else behind to follow the Messiah, being brought together in a common faith. Patterned after the life of the first believers in Acts 2, we are a commonwealth, sharing our income, our work, our mealtimes and our common culture, as well as a common salvation. We gather each morning and evening to give thanks and praise to our Creator for giving us this life. Then during the day we work together, building truly sustainable relationships with one another, as we obey the gospel of the kingdom, laying down our lives each day for those around us, bringing our children alongside of us in our faith.

We enjoy frequent visits from guests whom we meet through our farmstand &Yellow Deli, the many farmer's markets we attend, our website, and our freepapers. We are currently accepting WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) where guests can stay for a time, helping out on the farm in exchange for room and board. So far we've had helpers from France, Italy, England, China, Japan, Canada, as well as other states inside the US. If you live close or you'd like to get to know us, every Friday night we host a festive celebration for the Sabbath, usually beginning at 6:00, which includes a gathering of song, dance, and thanksgiving, followed by a home-cooked meal and more celebration. Our gates are always open and we love answering any questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

One of our favorite songs says it all, "We used to think we could make it on our own, then we found we could not make it without each other... we used to think that we could love our God alone, and then we found that love was caring for our brothers..."